These series' of work present the beginning of an exploration into London's nightclub scene through Medium Format Photography. A project like this has not been attempt in a 'serious' manner before and is stepping into new grounds in the terms of nightclub documentary.

  Series One was started as part of Jake's first year university works. He wanted to take his nightclub photography into new dimensions and found a perfect way to do so by using nontraditional equipment in such a fast paced environment. The results were outstanding and blew past any expectations that Jake had of the series. Shooting on a borrowed Hasselblad 500CM Jake experiemented with various films. Firstly he pushed Ilford HP5+ to 1600 but then he moved on to Portra 800 which was also pushed to 1600 and Ilford Delta 3200.

  Series Two is a continuation of Jake's exploration into using Medium Format for nightclub documentary however this time has moved to using a Bronica ETRS, experimenting with the 6x4.5 format of these cameras.
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